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Status, price and estimation of the artist Alexander Alexandriov Deineka

Price of a painting: 125,300 – 2,500,000 €.

Price of a drawing: 200 – 60,900 €.

Estimation of a print: 300 – 17,200 €.

Price of a sculpture: 25,600 – 190,000 €.

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Alexander Alexandriov Deineka, a 20th century Russian artist

Alexander Alexandriov Deineka was a 20th century Russian painter, sculptor and graphic designer. He was born on 20 May 1899 in Russia and died on 12 June 1969 in the same country.

Between 1915 and 1917 he studied art and drawing at the National Art School in his native Kursk. There he was a pupil of the painter Alexander Lubimov who taught him the basics and technique of drawing.

Over the course of his career, Alexander Deineka received several awards and other decorations in recognition of his work as an artist. Among them, the honorary title of USSR People’s Artist, offered to people who have contributed to the cultural development of the country.

A committed revolutionary artist

Alexander Deineka is an accomplished artist in that he masters the art of drawing, painting and sculpture. His work includes his propaganda drawings during the Russian Revolution as well as his decorative mosaics of the Kremlin.

But what characterises Alexander Deineka’s work is his political commitment, which is reflected in his work as a whole. Deineka quickly became involved in the Red Army, and it was in this context that he was sent to the Ateliers supérieurs d’art et de technique to improve his initial training as an artist. He also became a member of the Association of Proletarian Artists in 1931.

Alexander Deineka’s technique is characterised by an enthusiastic and colourful style. In contrast to other contemporary artists, he prefers to approach engaged themes in a light, jovial and positive manner. However, Alexander Deineka is marked by the events of the Second World War. He then adopted a more dramatic style in his way of painting by expressing more distress and suffering in his canvases. However, as a fervent patriot, Alexander Deineka always emphasises the heroism and enthusiasm of the Russian soldiers above all.

Alexander Alexandriov Deineka, a proponent of socialist realism

As a follower of the Russian revolution, Alexander Deineka uses his artistic abilities in the service of this cause. His teacher  Vladimir Favorski and Vladimir Mayakovski introduced him to the doctrine of “socialist realism”. This artistic movement developed in all the communist countries to pay tribute to the guiding principles of this political movement.

Alexander Deineka directed “The Unemployed in Berlin” in 1933, as a tribute to the Soviet people who were suffering from a lack of economy and work at that time. He also wrote about the rise and development of Russian aviation in his 1937 painting “Future Pilots”.

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