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Status, price and estimation of the artist George CLAUSEN

Price of a painting by Clausen: 1,500 – 300,000€.

Estimate for a drawing or watercolour by the artist at auction: 200 – 12,000€.

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An artist steeped in British art history

He was born in William Street, Regents Park, London, on 18 April 1852. The son of a Dutch painter, he studied at the South Kensington School of Art between 1873 and 1875. In 1881, George married Agnes, daughter of George Webster of Kings Lynn, and they had three sons and two daughters.

After their marriage they lived first in Berkshire, then in Widdington and Duton Hill. George was a founding member of the New English Art Club which organised exhibitions for young artists as a potential stepping stone to an exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Clausen was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1895 and became a full academician in 1906. He became Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy of Schools and his popular lectures were often published. Between 1876 and 1943 he exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy.

During the First World War, at the age of 65, he was appointed an official war artist, based in England. George and his family moved to Widdington in 1891 and lived at Bishops House. On his departure in 1905 he donated his wooden studio to the village for use as a reading room.

Later it became the Men’s Club and the present village hall was built on the site. The 14th century Prior’s Hall barn at Widdington (now English Heritage) is thought to have been the inspiration for many of George’s paintings of Essex barns.

Little known lithographs

Sir George Clausen is often regarded as the only true successor to Millet in England, both in style and subject matter, with the majority of his art revolving around the theme of farm labourers and their work. Although widely recognised as one of the most important figures in British post-impressionist painting, George Clausen is still relatively unknown as a printmaker. This is largely due to the small number of prints he made and the fact that no serious study has yet been made of this excellent body of work.

As well as experimenting with etching and drypoint, George Clausen made a number of lithographs for the master printer, Frederick Goulding. In a letter from 1923, Clausen recalls that Goulding had tried to revive the art of lithography and had asked a number of artists, including Clausen, to make drawings on specially prepared paper which were then transferred to lithographic stones.

The lithographs produced by this transfer process create an image that has all the natural quality of a wax pencil drawing. Very few prints of these early lithographs are known, as they were never published in any form.

Major works

His paintings include A Frosty March Morning (1904), painted in Widdington, and The Road, Winter Morning (1923), with Barnard’s Farm opposite his home in Duton Hill. The Road to Tilty is in the Leeds Museum and Winzes Farm (1905-1910), painted in Widdington, hangs in the Bradford Gallery.

Recognising George Clausen’s signature

Like many artists, George Clausen did not sign all of his works. However, you will find below an example of the signatures to give you an idea. Variations of these signatures do exist, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to formally authenticate a signature.

expertise signature George Clausen 

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