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Status, price and estimate of the artist Philip Russell Goodwin

Price of a painting: 7,400 – 273,300 €.

Price of a drawing: 1,400 – 24,700 €.

Estimate of a print: 70 – 560 €.

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Philip Russell Goodwin’s artistic training

Philip Russell Goodwin was an American artist and illustrator who was born in Connecticut on September 16, 1881 and died in New York State on December 14, 1935. At the age of 11, he sold his first illustrated story to Collier’s Magazine.

He first studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design, then went to the Students League in New York. He finished his training at the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry in Philadelphia under Howard Pyle, an author and illustrator specialising in children’s books. He followed his teacher when he opened his own school of art illustration.

Philip Russell Goodwin, the illustrator

In 1903, Goodwin illustrated Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. He was 22 years old. He did the same with a work by Theodore Rossevelt’s, My Hunts in Africa.

In 1904, the artist opened his own studio in New York and became well known for his illustrations in numerous magazines and commercial articles such as posters, calendars and catalogues. He worked for famous magazines such as “The Popular Magazine”, “The Scribners Magazine” and “The Saturday Evening Post” for which he produced several covers.

Philip Russell Goodwin and the representation of nature

The illustrator meets Charles Russel, an artist from the American West, with whom he forms a strong friendship. Goodwin stayed at his ranch. They travelled together and went on painting, hunting and fishing expeditions. During these stays, their artistic techniques influenced each other.

Philip Russell is also friends with Carl Rungius, an outdoor enthusiast who teaches him the finer points of hunting and survival in the wilderness.

His colour palette succeeds in photographically conveying the atmospheres he experiences as well as the distances he takes with his subjects. He depicts many wild animals and also creates fishing and hunting scenes.

During the Great Depression, Goodwin’s bank failed. His work at the time was mainly based on commissions for gun advertisements and calendars, activities that were not very profitable for keeping his studio alive.

The artist’s work is represented in numerous private collections, but also in museums specialising in outdoor themes, such as the Museum of Natural History, the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre or the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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