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Status, price and estimate by Pierre JEANNERET

Price of a piece of furniture signed Jeanneret at auction: 1,000 – 50,000 €

Estimation of a light fitting: 5,000 – 30,000 €.

Average estimate for an object : 2,000 – 8,000 €.

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The Jeannerets: architecture as a vocation

Pierre Jeanneret was born in Switzerland in 1896 and died in France in 1967. He was an emblematic architect and designer. Considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture, he is known in particular for his collaborations with his cousin and associate Le Corbusier.

A graduate of the Geneva School of Fine Arts, he moved to France in the early 1920s. He obtained a job in the firm of architects Auguste and Gustave Perret, and worked as an illustrator for the magazine “L’Esprit Nouveau”. In 1922, he began a long and active collaboration with Le Corbusier.

Prestigious collaborations

Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier share the same aesthetic and architectural concepts, which they set out in their manifesto published in 1926, “Five points towards a New Architecture”. These visions were put into practice in the works that followed, including the famous Villa de Savoye in Poissy. With an interest in urban and domestic architecture projects as well as furniture, the architect received commissions from all over the world.

In 1950, Jeanneret and Le Corbusier were entrusted with their largest project, the construction of the city of Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab. After Le Corbusier’s departure, Jeanneret found himself at the head of the construction site to which he devoted 15 years of his life.

He also collaborates with other renowned artists, including the architect Jean Prouvé and the designer Charlotte Perriand with whom the two men were associated for a decade. From this collaboration many pieces of furniture were born, including the iconic LC4 chairs and LC2 armchairs.

Pioneer of modern design

For a long time in the shadow of his famous cousin Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret’s work has benefited from renewed interest over the last two decades, driving up his price on the art market.

Jeanneret created his first pieces of furniture at the end of the 1920s, but the most sought-after objects at auction are the iconic pieces of the 1950s. Designed for the city of Chandigarh, his furniture is highly sought after by collectors.

For a pair of chairs or armchairs, the values range from 15,000 to 60,000 €.

It is necessary to count between 20,000 and 50,000 € for a desk.

Estimates for a table are between 10,000 and 60,000 €.

The design brand Cassina reissued some furniture designed for Chandigarh in homage to Pierre Jeanneret.

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