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Status, price and estimation of the artist Sergey Vinogradov

Price of a painting: 200 – 463,320 €.

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Sergey Vinogradov’s training

Sergey Vinogradov was a Russian impressionist painter born on 1 July 1869 in the village of Bolshye-Soli in the Russian Empire. He died on 5 February 1938 in Riga.

Between 1880 and 1889, he studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under the guidance of Vasily Polenov, a landscape painter who was nicknamed the “Knight of Beauty” and who had a major influence on Sergey’s style. In 1889, he received the status of Artist and continued his studies at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg.

Sergey Vinogradov, painter of landscapes and genre scenes

After graduating, he went to Kharkiv in present-day Ukraine to teach at a trade school. Back in Moscow in 1896, he worked as an illustrator for a writer. In the same year he became a professor at the Stroganov University of Art and Industry in Moscow, a position he held until 1913.

In 1898, he began to exhibit with a group of Russian realist painters, Peredvizhniki (the Wanderers), who formed in reaction to the academic restrictions in St. Petersburg. Five years later, he becameone of the founders of the Union of Russian Artists. In 1912 he was appointed Academician and became a member of the Academy in 1916.

During WWI, Vinogradov moved to Gurzuf to a dacha owned by a fellow impressionist, Konstantin Korovin. At that time, he concentrated on paintings of military scenes and the creation of relief and Red Cross posters. After the war, he helped decorate the Kremlin for the first anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

In 1923, he participated in the organisation of a travelling exhibition on Russian art and went as far as New York. He also exhibited his works in Germany and France, each time with great success. The painter particularly uses light tones to create soft atmospheres where the eye can rest.

On his return from the United States, he moved to Riga, where he began teaching in Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky’s studio and later established his own public school.

Although he concentrated mainly on landscapes and interior scenes, the painter also produced a series of portraits of priests at the Nativity Cathedral at this time. His father was himself a rural painter.

Sergey Vinogradov, a highly-rated artist

In the early 1930s, he wrote a series of memoirs on pre-revolutionary Russian art.

In November 2018, English auction house Sotheby’s held a sale of Russian art and sold a painting by Vinogradov entitled Children Raising Cattle for £262,000, far exceeding the high estimate of £120,000.

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