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Antique table

Do you own any antique table? Are you curious to know what they are worth? Our Experts can provide an appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell.

A common object with a long history

A table is a piece of furniture consisting of a flat surface on legs, the table is an object that is part of our daily life today. But the history of the table is much richer than we might think, and an antique table bears witness to ancient practices and customs that are different from today’s, at times when the table was considered a special and sometimes highly esteemed piece of furniture. Mainly used for meals, the table was also a synonym of nobility, before it was also used for work.

The table has a supporting vocation, and has existed since Antiquity where it was then synonymous with conviviality since it was already used to share a meal. It retained the same function during the Greco-Roman period, when it was used for banquets, but also for meetings of important men. At that time, it took on a round or oval shape. Taking on the appearance of a simple plank placed on legs in the Middle Ages, the table is an object that takes on religious connotations. It is here that the white tablecloth was invented, in reference to the hotel and Christ’s meal.

The use of stools is also widespread, whereas in the time of the Greeks and Romans people often ate lying down. Still round in shape at the beginning of the Middle Ages (to represent equality), it became rectangular during the feudal age and thus synonymous with hierarchy. Chairs with backrests for high tables, as opposed to low tables with stools, appeared during this period. It was during the Renaissance that the table was reinvented and considered a real piece of furniture, whereas until then the table had often been intended to be dismantled after use. Particular attention was paid to its design and decoration, which was also developed under Louis XIV in France. Today, it is a piece of furniture for domestic use which can be very simple as well as very sophisticated.

An object that changes over centuries and civilisations

Thus the antique table takes on many different shapes and aspects. Round or oval and often made of wood until the end of the Middle Ages, it then loses its sacred dimension with the discovery of the New World and becomes a singular piece of furniture decorated according to taste at the same time as the development of arts such as painting and sculpture in the Renaissance. More than a piece of furniture intended for meals, the table also became under Louis XIV an object synonymous with power used for decision-making and meetings. It became decorated, but also mobile, intended to show the influence of France, both in the field of cooking and in its state power. Since then, the development of technology has made it possible to create all types of tables in all different materials.

Pieces considered to be true works of art

As we have seen, an antique table can be very different depending on the century, the region where it was made, and its purpose. Antique tables can be found on the art market today, for varying prices. A seventeenth- or eighteenth-century table in mahogany, wood or bronze costs a few thousand euros (between 2 and 5,000euros), but a pedestal table dating from the time of Louis XVI in precious wood and a mahogany Quartet table can exceed 20,000euros. Some neo-classical wooden bedside tables are also close to 20,000euros. Some 20th century tables and pedestal tables can also reach estimates of a few tens of thousands of euros, and are considered to be true works of art.

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