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Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery has always played an important role in society and has served as a safe haven for memories of an event throughout history. A jewel can be used to mark an important moment in life and over time the technique of cutting precious stones and incorporating them into jewellery has attained a remarkable degree of perfection, to the point where some high-quality pieces of jewellery are considered to be masterpieces. The jewels can be cut in many different forms, thus allowing to adapt to all purposes.

Today, the antique and modern jewellery markets remain prosperous and a good investment for any collector. It is not uncommon for new records to be achieved during auctions, especially when certain pieces have been part of the well-known collections of certain individuals or parties such as a royal family. The craft of jewellery has always been highly appreciated by society, most notably at the Universal Exhibitions of the beginning of the century, or more recently with the Biennale des Antiquaries held in Paris.

The art of jewellery really took off in the nineteenth century with the creation of many major jewellery houses such as Chaumet, Cartier and Boucheron. Some creations of this period would go on to become timeless such as Cartier’s three gold ring or Van Cleef and Arpels zip necklace.

A jewel or precious stone can be worn in many different ways indeed, it has been able to adapt over time to the modern fashion trends.

Old pieces of jewellery are especially rare because it is quite common for gold and gems to be reused for new creations over time. The hallmark or stamp on the piece can also be a clue to the original date and time of manufacture. It is therefore important to receive an appraisal your jewels or jewellery pieces in order to have an accurate valuation.

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