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Militaria & Military Antique Valuations

Militaria refers to objects associated the military activities of all eras, cultures and civilisations. All these pieces tell the story of a specific period. Some painters will also become specialists in the depiction of military scenes like Jean-Louis Meissonier and Antoine-Jean Gros. With the invention of photography, it became possible to immortalize conflicts and life in the trenches. There are also replicas or scale models of military antiques.

There are many different kinds of weaponry that are used to serve the various needs of military operations. Some were intended for war and others for hunting and ceremonial parades. They are found in all periods from ancient Egypt up to the present day evolving over time from simple knives to highly advanced weapons such as firearms. The first and the second world war had a particularly strong impact on the development of weaponry.

These memories of the past can take many different forms such as medals, uniforms, armour, commemorative pieces or other military gear. The constitution of these collections usually takes time and requires patience. Some objects are even luxurious, including enamelled medals that can sometimes be set with precious stones.

There are many amateurs operating in the market of old weapons or objects around the militaria. Some pieces have a purely sentimental value while others can reach several thousand euros at resale. Some auction houses hold special sales dedicated to certain military periods such as the First Empire. The value of a military piece is often largely based on its history with one well known example being Napoleon I’s cavalry sword that sold at auction for 4.8 million euros.

However, it’s important to also be vigilant as certain weapons and pieces require additional administrative formalities and others are completely prohibited for sale.

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