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Valuations of various objects

Collectors fight over all sorts of original objects. Do you have an old scientific instrument, or an archaeological item? The market for the sale of period object absolutely loves these pieces. Nineteenth-century objects, from a multitude of disciplines such as biology, or physics-chemistry, are sometimes real interior decoration objects, thanks to their aesthetics and innovative ingenuity.

They arouse curiosity and are sold regularly in auction rooms. In order to know the value, you can ask us for an estimate. Few people know, but it is also possible to buy or sell archaeological objects, under certain conditions. They are often highly sought after because they always carry a deep meaning. Some collectors are indeed very touched by the sense of travelling back in time to a different era that the possession of these timeless objects allows.

Some will even seek to build a collection focused on a specific family of objects, a time ear or physical place.

Our team of experts puts its history skills at your service to provide an estimate of the value of your object and accompany you in the sale of your archaeological and historical objects.

If you wish to acquire them, you can also protect yourself against the risk of counterfeiting by contacting our specialists.

Finally, we also appraise all types of musical instruments, old or rare for harps to violins and harpsichords. Feel free to contact us to receive an accurate valuation of your various works of art from our experts thanks to their deep historical knowledge.

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