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Status, estimation and price of the artist Cao Dam Vu

Painting: 9000-35000 €.

Print: 100-1000 €.

Drawing: 15000-40000 €.

Sculpture: 1100-2500

Ceramics: 2000-16000 €

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Vu Cao Dam, a Vietnamese artist in France

Vu Cao Dam was a Vietnamese artist born in Hanoi in 1908, he died in Paris in 2000. Together with the artist Le Pho, he is one of the representatives of Vietnamese painting of the 20th century. He was one of Victor Tardieu’s students at the Indochina School of Fine Arts in Hanoi. Coming from an educated Catholic family, he had the opportunity to discover and study calligraphy.

He was awarded a scholarship which enabled him to come and study in Paris until 1949. That same year, he left the capital to move to the south of France. He met some artists who lived there part of the year.

He worked as a sculptor, mainly making busts, including that of Albert Sarraut, the Emperor Bao Dai. During WWII, he was forced to abandon bronze sculpture, so he was forced to turn to painting.

He was inspired by the atmosphere of Paris for his canvases, while keeping an oriental touch.

The work of Vu Cao Dam

He tried to reconcile the oriental and occidental style, he was inspired by the Italian primitives. He was a specialist of the genre scene where he represented characters in Vietnamese costume. A certain softness emanates from his oils on canvas, Vu Cao Dam revealed his themes in several periods, and he also worked the motif of the woman. The works named “Divinité” repeatedly use the same motifs in different shades. The drawn women have a wise aura and seem eternal.

The works of Vu Cao Dam can be found in institutions, including at the Quai Branly. He is also present at exhibitions devoted to Asian art. His work is still as much appreciated by art lovers.

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