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Status, price and estimation of the artist Georges STEIN

Price of a painting by Stein: 600 – 15,000€.

Estimate for a drawing or watercolour by the artist at auction: 100 – 3,000€.

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Who is Georges Stein?

Georges Stein (1870 – 1955) was a French landscape painter and watercolourist. His life is shrouded in mystery, and we know little about him. Sources differ on his date of birth between 1852 and 1870 and again the date of his death between 1918, 1930 and 1955. His gender is also a source of confusion, with some sources suspecting the artist to be a woman. Throughout his career, he exhibited his work several times at the Paris Salon and at the Société des Artistes français.

A prolific artist

His favourite subject is the city, which he transcribes in most of his works, such as Paris, Nice or London. He transcribes them with true spontaneity and precision. His works evoke the cheerfulness and the special atmosphere of the Belle Époque. In order to achieve this, he reproduces the emblematic places of Parisian life of the time, such as the Madeleine, the Ile de la Cité, the Opera, the Moulin Rouge, the Grand Boulevards and the Champs Élysées.

Dynamic works that suck the viewer in

His works are marked by spontaneity, dynamism and movement, giving the viewer the sensation of participating in the scenes observed. Under the influence of Jean Beraud, he worked in particular on the treatment of light to translate the bustle of Parisian life. Throughout his career, he also produced a large number of decorative panels for the casino project of the town of Vichy.

Today, you can admire some of his creations at the Carnavalet Museum in Paris.

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