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Status, price and estimate by Gilbert POILLERAT

Price of a light signed Poillerat at auction: 1,000 – 20 000 €

Estimation of an object by the artist: 300 – 10,000 €.

Average estimate for signed furniture: 1,000 – 60,000 €.

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From handicrafts to decorative arts

Born in Mer (Loir-et-Cher) in 1902, Poillerat first studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris before joining the École Boulle where he was trained in chiselling and forging before concentrating on ironwork. In 1921, he obtained his diploma as a metal engraver.

At the age of 19, the artist was then directly employed by Edgar Brandt, an ironworker and weapons maker, where he was mainly involved in production and design, a task that kept him busy until 1927. From 1925, he exhibited at the International Exhibition of Industrial and Modern Decorative Arts: his creations were presented anonymously in the Collector’s Pavilion. However, it was not until he left the house of Edgar Brandt to head the decorative iron branch of the Établissements Baudet Donon Roussel (with the name Établissements Baudet Donon et Cie since 1925) that the artist signed his creations with his name, which he exhibited at the 1928 Salon d’Automne.

The 1930s: a time of great achievements 

Gilles Poillerat asserted his style in the 1930s while at the same time diversifying it: he created plant motifs in sheet metal, naïve scenes, interior objects and even costume jewellery. However, it was his major works for both the public (doors of the Palais de Chaillot, grilles and lighting for the Eiffel Tower restaurant) and private use (stair railings and balustrades for private residences) that would lead to his consecration.

Gilles Poillerat also owes his fame to his collaborations with men such as Jacques Adnet, André Arbus, Jean Pascaud. The artist also maintains his visibility by taking part in national and even international events: the Colonial Exhibition of 1931 and the Exhibition of Arts and Techniques (1937).

Consecration after the Second World War

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Gilbert Poillerat was appointed professor at the National School of Decorative Arts, then weakened by the Vichy regime, which took away his right to teach architecture. As she was unable to teach, she therefore concentrated on interior architecture with a team of professors reflecting the divisions of the 1940s: Gilbert Poillerat, like André Arbus, wanted to be the spokesman for official and mandarin art in the face of Jacques Dumont, representing modernist ideas.

The artist’s fame was consolidated via other public commissions for the Hôtel Matignon, the Élysée, and the new synagogue in Strasbourg. Nevertheless, Poillerat always kept commissions for private individuals with his very fine ornamental work (acanthus leaves) which he integrated into lamps, tables and consoles. It is only after the years that his work became more refined, in accordance with the taste of the time, with simpler creations made in bronze.

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