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Status, price and estimation of the artist Giovanni Maria Morandi

Price of a painting by the artist: 1,500 – 62,200 €.

Estimate for a drawing by the artist: 230 – 820 €.

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Giovanni Maria Morandi’s beginnings

Giovanni Maria Morandi was an Italian painter of the Baroque period who was born on 30 April 1622 in Florence and died in Rome on 18 February 1717.

He became a pupil of Giovanni Bilivert and Orazio Fidani. He left very few works in his native city, except for a large canvas representing the Column of Christ, painted for the Filippini Fathers’ Oratory.

Giovanni Maria Morandi and Rome

Morandi’s artistic activity took place mainly in Rome, where he painted numerous altarpieces such as the Transito della Vergine in Santa Maria della Pace. He also worked in Santa Maria in Vallicella where he painted the Pentecost altarpiece. In Santa Maria del Popolo he made the altarpiece of the Visitation and that of the Martyrdom of San Lorenzo. For Santa Maria dell’Anima, he painted the Visitation and the Marriage of the Virgin.

He also worked on the decoration of two large rooms in the Palazzo Salviati in the Trastevere district, painting mythological scenes depicting Cephalus and Love, and Theseus and Ariadne.

Giovanni Maria Morandi, portraitist of the popes

Morandi became a member of the Accademia di San Luca, which he directed from 1671. He also had a very famous and popular workshop with students such as Francesco Zuccarelli.

The painter’s patrons included important figures such as Emperor Leopold I, for whom he worked as a portraitist. This includes Pope Alexander VII Chigi, under whose pontificate he received the majority of his commissions, both for the churches of Rome and Siena, the latter being the home town of the Chigi family.

Among the papal portraits he made, in addition to those of Chigi, were those of Clement IX and Innocent XI.

He visited and worked in Venice where the Venetian Lombard style undoubtedly influenced him.

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