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Status, price and estimation of the artist Henri LEBASQUE

Price of a painting by Lebasque: 5,000 – 500,000€.

Estimate of a drawing or watercolour by the artist for auction: 400 – 5,000€.

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Henri Lebasque, between joy and light

Henri Lebasque (1865 – 1937) was one of the leading painters of French post-impressionism, known in the milieu as “the painter of joy and light”. He first trained at the École des Beaux-Arts in Angers and at the Académie Colarossi, before joining the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1885. During his period in Paris, he exhibited several times at the Salon des Indépendants, the Salon de la Société des artistes français and the Salon d’Automne, which he co-founded at the time of the emergence of Fauvism. Alongside Félix Vallotton, he became an army painter in 1917.

The Galerie Eugène Druet organised an exhibition of the artist in 1922. In 1925, he became an Officer of the Legion of Honour. Two years later, when the Georges Petit Gallery disappeared, he decided to stop haggling over his works. After several moves to the French Riviera, he finally decided to live in Le Cannet, thus becoming a neighbour of Pierre Bonnard and Dunoyer de Segonzac.

From Fauvism to Impressionism to Pointillism

At the end of the 19th century, following his meeting with Maximilien Luce and Paul Signac, he tried his hand at pointillism for a while, and was then seduced by the impressionism of Pissarro and Renoir. Nabis, such as Édouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard, also helped him to develop his artistic thinking. Henri Lebasque’s work evolved as he discovered the south of France, with more luminous and colourful creations. Gradually, he was influenced by Fauvism, even if he treated it in a subtler and less violent way than a Matisse.

A gentle spontaneity

The artist’s work is particularly admired by art critics for the spontaneity and simplicity with which he transcribes light and cheerfulness. For this, he never chooses serious themes, but rather lighter ones: women, children, nature.

During his lifetime, he quickly gained recognition from the milieu, positioning himself as a reference in the art market in France and internationally. His most prized canvases are those depicting provincial landscapes.

On average, these works are estimated at between 15,000 and 60,000 €, rising to as much as 100,000 € for the artist’s most emblematic paintings. Today, Henri Lebasque’s works can be seen in major museums and private collections around the world, such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the MOMA in New York and the Musée d’Orsay.

Recognising Henri Lebasque’s signature

Like many artists, Henri Lebasque did not sign all of his works. However, you will find below an example of the signatures to give you an idea. Variations of these signatures do exist, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to formally authenticate a signature.

Expertise signature Henri LEBASQUE

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