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Status, price and estimation of the artist Hufan Wu

Price of a drawing by the artist: €540 – €2,200,000

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Hufan Wu, Chinese painter of the 20th century

Hufan Wu was a Chinese painter of the early 20th century. He was born in 1894 in the province of Jiangsu, China. Born into a family of artists, he learned the art and history of traditional Chinese painting from an early age. He was taught by the great masters of the Qing dynasty before it ended in 1912.

He soon moved to Shanghai and joined the Institute of Chinese Art there. Hufan Wu died in 1968, upon taking his own life.

A representative of traditional Chinese painting

Hufan Wu is known for using the Chinese painting technique. This technique is characterised both by the material used and by the message to be conveyed.

Chinese painting is done on silk or paper rolls, on ceramic or on bamboo. The artist uses fine tools that allow a linear and delicate line.
Hufan Wu is known for his brushwork, which is considered very refined and applied. He is also appreciated for the use of clear and pure tones, which allow one to feel the calmness in his paintings.

Traditional Chinese painting allows the artist to express his vision of the world, what he sees or imagines. But this technique also expresses a way of thinking according to which the universe and man are in harmony. In this sense, Hufan Wu has used painting to express his own experience of his country’s history. From the fall of the Qing dynasty to the establishment of the Republic of China.

Hufan Wu, the landscape poet

Hufan Wu learned the art of Chinese painting from his grandfather and from the renowned masters of his time. But it was with the artist Dong Qichang that he discovered the art of representing landscapes. He soon made this his speciality and was recognised throughout his career as one of the best landscape artists.

Hufan Wu’s landscapes are characterised by a structured and geometric organisation. In the foreground, there is detailed and refined work. In the background, the artist creates wider, flared drawings that give the idea of an imaginary infinity.

Hufan Wu is appreciated for the soothing and poetic aspect of his work. To achieve this, he works in detail with natural environments, such as mountains, rice fields or fields, to which he inserts flowers, trees and other natural elements. It is also by using a very limited and refined colour palette that he gives a certain softness to the viewers of these paintings.

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