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Status, price and estimate by Designer Marc DU PLANTIER

Price of a signed piece of furniture at auction: 2,000 – 300,000 €.

Estimated cost of a lamp: 2,000 – 100,000 €

Artist’s status for a painting: 400 – 20,000€.

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An artist decorator

Marc Duplantier was born in 1901 in Madagascar. In 1922, he abandoned his studies in mathematics and his ambition to join the École Polytechnique, to instead join the École des Beaux-Arts. He trained in architecture with Gabriel Héraud, winner of the Prix de Rome 1894. At the same time, he took classes with Paul Albert Laurens at the Julian Academy of Painting.

The Parisian fashion houses offered him his first orders. He then put his talents as a designer at the service of couturiers such as Jacques Doucet. In 1929, he turned to a career as a decorator.

In 1940, he left France for Spain. His success there led him to stay in Madrid for nine years.

Luxury and modernity

Marc Duplantier is committed to the creation of total works, from interior architecture to furniture, including the design of luminous atmospheres. His extremely wealthy clientele, whom he meets at social gatherings, allows him to work alone, without an agency or shop.

Marc Duplantier’s taste for classicism and antiquity marks his entire career. Highly luxurious, his creations are recognizable by their fine and stylised lines.

Two periods stand out. The first favours natural or precious materials, such as wood, wool or semi-precious stones. It is also marked by the omnipresence of gilded bronze, its preferred material. In Spain, he rubbed shoulders with a public fond of the opulence of this production, which was therefore referred to as his “ période espagnole ”. The second phase, which he initiated on his return to France, made his style evolve towards more modernity. He brings glass and raw metal into his palette of materials, and experiments with geometric and pure forms.

An unknown virtuoso

Although he is little known to the general public today, during his lifetime, Marc Duplantier was celebrated as one of the most talented French designers. In 1932, the inauguration of his flat, entirely decorated by him, was a true public event. His clients included families such as the Rothschilds and the Spanish nobility. He designed interiors for the Élysée Palace and was commissioned to create sets for the Comédie Française.

Marc Duplantier’s work is compared to that of decorators such as Jean-Michel Frank or Jean Royère. The only monograph on him will not be published until 2011. On the market, the rarity of his creations is driving up prices. Thus, it is necessary to count nearly 30,000€ to acquire a pair of lighting fixtures. His sales record was set at Christie’s in 2019 with a Lotus console, which sold for $296,538.

Marc Duplantier passed away in 1975.

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