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Quotation, prices and estimation by Vladimir Griegorov Tretchikoff

Price of a painting signed TRETCHIKOFF at auction: 1,000 – 300,000 €

Average estimate for a print: 50 – 1,000 €.

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An unrestricted self-taught artist

Born into a wealthy family of eight children on the eve of the October Revolution, young Vladimir lived an unstable childhood and adolescence, quitting school at the age of 16. In order to survive, Tretchikoff worked as a stage painter at his town’s opera house, a job that explains, among other things, the sense of theatricality in the artist’s work.

Thanks to this first work and a few commissions, Tretchikoff flew to Shanghai and then became director of Mercury Press and multiplied the number of commissioned works. During the Second World War, he even became a propaganda painter for the British Ministry of Information, which almost cost him his life as he had to be evacuated from Shanghai, but that was counting without the Japanese bombings that hit the ship. He was then imprisoned for three months and finally released, being able to join his wife and daughter in South Africa who had managed to be evacuated.

South Africa, Tretchikoff’s muse

For Tretchikoff, this stay in South Africa will be more than a haven of peace to regain and rebuild his family life, a place of infinite inspiration and a platform to make his work known throughout the continent and the Anglo-Saxon world. Indeed, Cape Town and Johannesburg will see several exhibitions of the artist’s work in the 1950s, which will attract the attention of many American collectors and intellectuals, who will then propose him to undertake an American tour.

He went on to exhibit in Los Angeles, then in San Francisco, and finally in Canada. His works always attracted crowds, who saw in him both a visionary and an artist capable of bringing his paintings within everyone’s reach of understanding. In short, an artist making art accessible to every citizen.

The Chinese Girl, icon of the 20th century

How can we talk about Tretchikoff without mentioning the person who made him known to the international community? His work Chinese Girl (1952), a painting whose reproductions were among the best-selling in the 20th century, clearly demonstrates this generosity intrinsic to the artist’s personality.

In a simple, almost futuristic line, the painter relies on the model Monika Pon-su-san, giving her face a blue-green hue drawn from her creativity and a depth rarely found in portraiture.

It is this unique technicality, mixed with his avant-gardism, yet detached from classical constraints, that make him one of the most beloved painters of the 20th century.

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