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How to Sell a Painting?

Do you own one or multiple classical or modern paintings and wish to sell them? You may be in possession of a valuable work of art. If you do not know how to sell them, Mr Expert will explain to you the procedure to follow and the existing means available to you.

Appraise your painting

To sell a painting, you first have to get a fair valuation.

In order to do so, one option available is to investigate the standing of the artist in the art world. Many data bases exist online containing the names and notoriety of a large number of artists. Just search for the artist’s name to obtain the recent prices achieved by paintings by the given artist at auction. However, these data bases are not free and are often limited in scope. It is thus highly recommended to consider all the possible options before beginning the process.

The other essential step is to check the authenticity of the painting as counterfeiting is unfortunately common in the art world. To avoid bad surprises, you need to determine how old the painting is as well as who the original artist is. Many details need to be looked at: materials, frame, the condition of the painting, etc. In order to know more about this process, you can read our article on how to value your painting.

Nothing however, can replace the eye of the expert. An appraisal by a specialist in art history will always be the most accurate option. Mr Expert offers free appraisals online, conducted by real experts, for all your paintings and objects of artistic value. 

How do you go about selling your painting?

The first method for selling a painting you own is via an auction. Large auction houses such as Christie’s or Artcurial organise large and prestigious public auctions. Some smaller auction houses also allow the sale of paintings. Even though this option offers you the chance of an immediate sale, its big disadvantage is that on average a third of the paintings present at an auction will not find a buyer.

Another option is sale by mutual agreement. The owner allows one specialist or art gallery find a buyer with whom he will negotiate the price. Even though the sale might take longer to be concluded, this method improved the chances of your painting being sold.

How to sell a painting online? 

The sale by mutual agreement is more and more common on the internet. It is a simple and efficient way that simplifies the sale of painting for both amateurs and specialists. Many websites offer appraisals online and offer to find a buyer for your painting(s). Mr Expert is made up of a team of experts and offers a free online appraisal within 48 hours. Now you know how to sell a painting, it is up to you to put this knowledge into practice!

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