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Painting Valuations

Do you have in your possession a painting and wish to know its value? Our experts will provide you with anestimation of your painting’s value based upon the current market and will aid you in selling your painting at the best possible price.

Paintings carry a strong symbolic value. Realistic or abstract, all techniques convey a unique and totally subjective emotion that makes each work of art special in its own way.

Each piece of art is also a witness of its era, inseparable from a moment in history which is carried by its essence into the present day.

The impressionist paintings of the 19th century for example, are prized for the oil painting technique that they display. With their visionary heritage, the financial value of these works of art can also be significant if they are painted by a celebrated artist.

Other works are considered aesthetic masterpieces, and their beauty may translate to incredible value when auctioned. This is why some artistic styles are highly sought after by art galleries.

Modern painting styles are also very popular, particularly in interior design, with art deco being one such example. Each painting contains a piece of history that creates a strong impression in any room and depending on certain, precise criteria, this strong symbolic value can sometimes translate to a significant price in auction.

You would like to sell a painting?

You might be in possession of a rare work of art and receiving a valuation from a valuer is highly recommended in order to get the best price possible.

Make use of our expert teams to receive a valuation of your painting in order to appraise its true value on the art market.

You can apply online for a valuation of both your old and modern works of art, an expert appraisal will be delivered to you within 48 hours and in complete confidentiality.

How do we value you painting?

Our art history specialists identify the origin and authenticity of each painting, locating the provenance of each artwork.

After observing the painting in detail, we determine its current condition and are able to provide a numerical valuation. This then allows you to position the work on the market at the best price point and integrate it into an inventory for auction at a price consistent with current market trends.

expertise process

A team of art auctioneers

Our team of art experts gather all their specialized expertise and understanding of the art market to reveal the fair value of your painting. You can receive a valuation within 48 hours directly via our online form and we will then propose the best channel possible by which to sell your artwork.

Our experts will accompany you throughout the process and guarantee you a trusted, honest and secure expertise for the sale of your painting, or paintings.

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