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Impressionist painting

Do you own any impressionist painting? Are you curious to know what they are worth? Our Experts can provide an appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell.

The Impressionist movement

The Impressionist movement emerged at the end of the 19th century and had a lasting impact on art history.

With a desire to break away from the classical movement, artists freed themselves from pictorial conventions. On 15 April 1974, the first impressionist exhibition by Monet was held. Monet created a new pictorial aesthetic, which was a real scandal at a time when historical painting was the only art form considered worthy.  However, with the help of art dealers such as Durand-Ruel, the Impressionists created a new art market from 1880 on.

A group of artists thus found themselves immersed in these new characteristics and artistic openness, which depicted movements and forms without academicism or realistic rigour.

How to recognise an Impressionist painting

This movement is based on the pictorial translation of the artist’s personal feelings and impressions. There are several characteristics of impressionist works: first of all, the treatment of light is absolutely essential, and through the use of primary colours it is a question of rendering the shades of morning or evening light perfectly. What’s more, the brush is used to make quick, comma-shaped strokes.

Several subjects predominate in Impressionist paintings, including landscapes painted outdoors using easels, the different seasons in the countryside or episodes of modern life. The impressionists are influenced by the Japanese ukiyo-e print, which represents floating art and embodies impressionist thoughts on the representation of everyday life. One of the paintings that demonstrates the beginning of the movement is Impression, Soleil Levant by Claude Monet (today at the Musée Marmottan in Paris).

Impressionist artists on the art market

According to the annual art market report published by Artprice, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist sales were the leaders in the art market for several decades. Not least because of the emergence of major Japanese collectors in search of such works. However, after a period of growth in 2007, sales declined for two years before returning with peak interest among Chinese collectors, which enabled the market to return to stable growth despite a slight decline in sales due to the slowdown in volume on the market.

In 2018, Monet is among the auction heads with Water Lilies in Bloom (c. 1914-1917) which reached $84,687,500 at Christie’s in New York and La Gare Saint-Lazare vue extérieure (1877) which sold for $32,960,961 at Christie’s in London. Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Édouard Manet, Paul Cézanne, Alfred Sisley are among the best-selling artists on the art market.

How do we appraise your impressionist painting?

Requesting an online valuation of your painting is simple. You just need to complete our appraisal form with a brief description and some photos. This information will be sent directly to one of our impressionist experts who will provide you with a price range and sales advice.

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A team of experts and auctioneers

If you own an impressionist painting, use our online form for an appraisal.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team of experts and auctioneers to give you an independent opinion of the market price. Should you wish to sell your painting, our specialists will also advise you on the various options available for selling at the best price.

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