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Collector’s Items Valuations

A collection can be composed of all kinds of items (stamps, old toys, sneakers, paintings, furniture and other objects of art). The establishment of the first major collections dates back to the sixteenth century with the creation of “cabinets of curiosity” (to identify the elements that make up these old collections, the inventories created by notaries at the time are authenticated). It is the aristocrats who would launch the art of collecting by accumulating various objects or paintings from a specific field in dedicated spaces. The urban bourgeoisie would soon attempt to imitate them.

There are several types of collections, the collection of specific objects, but also the collection of objects relating to a specific period such as the First Empire.

Each collection is unique and the constitution of a collection often represents a lifetime of work where patience and perseverance are the key elements necessary. In modern times private collectors are often turning towards the world of fashion, where a few years ago pins or stamps were frequently collected, today fans are turning more to sneakers or limited-edition skateboards.

The value of a collection can vary greatly, ranging from a few hundred euros to several million euros with sales following the passing of a collector being of particular interest to those operating in this field.

Sales of major collections have made history, such as the masterpieces of Pierre Berger and Yves Saint-Laurent in 2009. The exhibition took place over three days at the Petit Palais in Pairs where more than 30,000 visitors went to the lot presentation exhibition. The proceeds from this sale amounted to 375.3 million euros.

In order to sell your collections at the best price, it is advisable to limit yourself to so-called classic themes. When organizing a sale, it is also recommended to divide the collection into several coherent batches. Recently, when a part of the Yvonne and Jean Riechers collection was put on sale, it was mainly composed of still lifes painted in the seventeenth century. Some very rare collections can be sold at incredible prices.

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