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Art Deco is a movement that was born in the 1920s. It is based on principles such as functionalism and pragmatism. It is guided by these principles that architects, artists and decorators of the twentieth century would create buildings and furniture with unique designs that looked resolutely futuristic, particularly in that era. With the passage of the river of time, preferences and the way of thinking would change, and art deco would evolve towards modernism.

Nevertheless, between the 1980s and 2010, the art deco furniture of the 20s were particularly popular. Their clean lines and avant-garde style continue to seduce great collectors and other enthusiasts. Their unique design has allowed them to retain a place of honour in the chic apartments, alongside prestigious paintings and ancient objects of art. The art deco market is therefore very stable.

In modern times, Art Deco pieces are becoming increasingly rare, so when a remarkable piece of furniture in this style makes an appearance on the market, the big collectors and connoisseurs in the market are quick to react. One particularly notable example is Paul Iribe’s famous Nautilus armchair, which sold for 180,000 euros.

Beyond rare pieces such as the Iribe’s armchair, some works produced by renowned artists of Art Deco also sell very well. Among the most highly rated artists are Louis Süe, André Mare, Jean Dunand, Eileen Gray and Émile Jacques as well as more avant-garde artists such as Pierre Chareau, Jean-Michel Franck or Eugene Printz whilst some other artists, such as Dominique, DIM and Leleu, sell for more modest sums despite their high-quality production.

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