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Vase Valuations

Originally, the vase was not a vessel designed to hold our flowers. In antiquity, it was used to conserve water, wine, oil or any other liquid.

Vases would also often be decorated and it was common to see geometric patterns or mythological scenes expressed on their exteriors. Vases would be discovered during archaeological excavations of many ancient cultures and civilisations across the globe. The materials used in the fabrication of the vase are also varied, some vases are be made of terracotta whilst others are made of metal, porcelain, ceramic or glass. The vases could be used for ornamenting the interiors of castles or houses.

Today the vase comes in different forms and is again a decorative object and often subject to a high level of design. Its form can be very simple or complex, in part determining its value. Some vases are famous for their history such as the vases of Soissons or Portland. The shapes and patterns would also change over time, especially those produced by the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres or through the reintroduction of the glass paste in the nineteenth century.

It is not uncommon for a vase to make news during prestigious auctions by reaching a new record price. Some pieces were produced in large quantities as Gallé vases or other Daum Nancy vases while others will be unique pieces. It was also not uncommon for manufacturers to call on artists to collaborate on a vase design, such as the collaboration between the Sèvres and sculptors Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and Pierre Soulage.

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