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Do you own any stamp? Are you curious to know what they are worth? Our Experts can provide an appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell.

The art of stamps

Asian stamps are a true art form, their use dates back in Chinese history, and they were invented at the same time as writing. The first stamps were made to validate various official documents of great importance. Initially, they were reserved for emperors and their mandarins before being used by nobles, scholars, merchants and artists. Currently, they are still used to replace the manual signature for certain acts.

Stamps made of precious materials

Stamps usually represent the name of a person or organisation, but they can also be decorative with a symbol, motto, poem, or stylised animals. Stamps can be a bronze, gold or silver object, but most often they are made of a stone such as soapstone, crystal or jade. The cost of manufacture therefore depended on the material used as well as the engraver’s skill.

Asian stamps are mainly red

The colour of the stamp is almost always red and cinnabar paste is used for stamping. It should be noted that this ink is very toxic and its use has since been banned. It is not uncommon to see several stamps from an artist on one of their paintings plus the stamps of itssuccessive owners. The latter can increase the value of a work.

Selling prices of up to more than one million

This prized collector’s item can reach high prices, such as the stamp of Emperor Kangxi, which was sold for 4.7 million euros at auction. It was found by chance in the cupboard of a family home.

How do we appraise your stamp?

Requesting an online valuation of your asiatic art is simple. You just need to complete our appraisal form with a brief description and some photos. This information will be sent directly to one of our stamp experts who will provide you with a price range and sales advice.

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A team of experts and auctioneers

If you own a stamp, use our online form for an appraisal.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team of experts and auctioneers to give you an independent opinion of the market price. Should you wish to sell your painting, our specialists will also advise you on the various options available for selling at the best price.

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