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Lucie Rie

Do you own any Lucie Rie artworks? Are you curious to know what they are worth? Our Experts can provide an appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell.

The youth of Lucie Rie

Born Gompertz, Lucie Rie is a 20th century Austrian ceramist who obtained British naturalization after living in London. The young designer married an Austrian businessman, Hans Rie, although she separated from him after moving to London to escape Nazi Austria in 1938.

Lucie Rie taught for more than a decade, between 1960 and 1972, at the Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts, one of the constituent institutions of the University of the Arts in London.

She received a number of awards for her creations throughout her career, including a gold medal at the 1935 World Exhibition and a silver medal two years later at the 1937 World Exhibition.

The London installation

Rie worked in a small workshop near Hyde Park in London from 1939 to 1993, a favourite place where she created subtle ceramic pieces that opened up new avenues of expression for ceramics, freeing them from the traditional approach.

Rie started to collaborate with Hans Coper, and they became friends. They think about the design of functional ceramic pieces which they manage to sell in department shops in London, and even New York.

His ceramic pieces, vases, cups and jars are evidence of work full of subtlety and inventiveness, with a design rich in detail, yet adopting sober lines. Rie’s works are fired in a single round, and varnished with a brush even before firing.

An international success

Rie had a very singular approach which allowed her to reclaim the simple techniques of ceramics, and then integrate elements of international visual culture. These creations enabled her to leave her mark on the pottery landscape in Great Britain while giving it a high status. Lucie Rie has also paved the way for new generations of ceramic artists.

A beautiful piece from a private collection, made in porcelain with a pinkish tint glaze, a porcelain that the creator liked to work with from 1949, was made in the 1990’s, and sold for 50,000GBP.

More of the designer’s elegant pieces were presented at a sale at Phillips in the fall of 2019 at prices ranging from $8,100 to $68,000.

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