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Picasso Madoura

Do you own any Picasso Ceramics or Madoura pottery? Are you curious to know what they are worth? Our Experts can provide an appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell.

Picasso and the Madoura workshop

Pablo Picasso is not only known for his paintings, but also for his ceramics. He went to work with the Madoura de Vallauris workshop in the late 1940s. This workshop became the official publisher of Picasso’s works. More than 4000 pieces were produced between 1947 and 1971. This workshop was run by Suzanne and Georges Ramié. This collaboration would inspire other artists such as Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall to also take an interest in the arts of fire.

The most common patterns

Picasso was inspired by various motifs, in particular animals, faces and doves. Plates, vases and pitchers signed Picasso Madoura are regularly found on the market. The decorations can be painted or in relief and the shapes are often anthropomorphically or zoomorphically inspired. The pieces are very often made of terracotta or earthenware.

Ceramics by Picasso Madoura are increasingly sought after by collectors

For several years now, the prices of Picasso Madoura pieces have known great success among collectors. In 2019, a vase with a fish decoration numbered 6 out of 25 sold for nearly 39,840 euros at auction.

Beware of counterfeits

There are a number of fake ceramics from the 1950s circulating on the market, so a watchful eye is required. It is important to check the signature, the stamp and the number indicated.

Variable selling prices depending on the parts

The price of an object varies according to its size, shape, condition and theme. Typically, a plate with a fairly common decoration such as the one around bullfighting, a theme dear to Picasso, will sell for around 1500 euros. On the other hand, for rarer pieces, prices are higher. In 2015, a rare tripod vase depicting a face was sold for 92,000 euros.

How do we appraise your Picasso Ceramics?

Requesting an online valuation of your ceramic is simple. You just need to complete our appraisal form with a brief description and some photos. This information will be sent directly to one of our Picasso experts who will provide you with a price range and sales advice.

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A team of experts and auctioneers

If you own a Picasso Madoura ceramic, use our online form for an appraisal.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team of experts and auctioneers to give you an independent opinion of the market price. Should you wish to sell your painting, our specialists will also advise you on the various options available for selling at the best price.

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