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Ceramics Valuations

Since ancient time, the art form of ceramics has fascinated the human mind. In every era, in every civilization, there are always vestiges of this art: from sculptures to figurines to functional items such as tableware. Compared to painting, the art of ceramics is more tangible, “more real”, it is an art where the creation takes all its meaning for the forming of matter: it gives humans the power to create. It is partly for this reason that it would fascinate many renowned painters and sculptors including Paul Gauguin, Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung or Lucio Fontana.

Today, ceramics are an important part of the national and international art market. The ancient ceramics that are selling at astronomical prices are one such proof of this fact. In this field, it is difficult to do better than the ancient Chinese ceramics highly appreciated for their quality: a level of know-how that was well in advance of its time, an accomplished expertise. As proof of that fact, in 2014, a small Chinese bowl of the Ming Dynasty in a very good state of conservation sold for 36 million dollars at an auction organised by Sotheby’s.

On the other hand, ceramics created by modern and contemporary artists are also highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The ceramics of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Artigas, Hans Coper and Lucio Fontana never go unnoticed when they appear on a sales table.

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