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Glassware Valuations

For a long time, glassware was always primarily designed for its functionality and used for practical purposes, with a merger of the worlds of art and glass not to be seen until around 1850.

The golden age of glass would be marked by the first world exhibition in London held in the Crystal Palace, a building built using considerable quantities of glass and designed by Joseph Paxton located in Hyde Park. Twenty years later, with technological and ideological evolution, glass became a means of major expression of the French art.

Glassware as an artform would then merge with the artist Emile Gallé. Thanks to the family structure of his company, his commercial connections, his originality and his inventiveness, he became a unique promoter of the art of glasswork. His work will serve as an inspiration for artists like Daum or Muller.

From the year 1904, the art of glass would be transformed, currents of thought are mixed, leading to the appearance of many pieces infinite in their nuances including classicism, functionalism and symbolism.

Unfortunately, the art of glasswork would then enter a great decline. The pieces of great masters like Emile Gallé, François-Eugene Rousseau, Henry Cros or Daum would fall into oblivion and would be relegated to the rank of old-fashioned spoils without pecuniary interest.

It would be necessary to wait until the end of the sixties to see the artistic glass reconnect with the public conscience. Since then, glass has acquired a new air of nobility and more and more enthusiasts and collectors are becoming interested. These pieces of the past that have long been marginalized are now selling at astronomical prices come auction, giving them the status of a collector’s item in their own right.

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