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Russian Art Valuations

Russian art, iconic in painting and sculptures

Russian art is a very ancient art style dating back to the Byzantine period first through icons and the appearance of Christianity. We often find representations of Christ; the Virgin Mary and certain saints present in the works. It is also not uncommon to find very old Russian works in traditional houses.

Russian artists would learn about Western painting technique through Peter I and the opening of the country to wider Europe. As the Russian market opened up, the import of certain products such as canvas’ or oil paintings began to occur, with a particular focus on portraits. It should be noted that the Russian art scene found inspiration in Europe not only for painting, but also for what would go on to become Russian sculpture.

The evolution of Russian art

In the nineteenth century, the Russians moved away from the stylings previously taught at the academies of St. Petersburg and Moscow to create a traditional and more realistic art. The artists were inspired by myths, popular arts and Slavic influences. There was also a real quest for identity as shown by the works of Repin, Savitsky or Kramskoy. Russian art would also be influenced by major collectors who were fond of European style works such as the Shchukin collection which contained paintings by Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso, Maillot.

In 1917, Russian art would serve as an instrument of propaganda following the communist revolution. Artists would participate in the societal upheaval and daily life would become the centre of artistic attention through representations of factories and streets. A movement would emerge with socialist realism, through official art by artists such as Boris Kustodiev, Isaak Brodsky and Aleksandr Deyneka.

Theatre sets would also become a medium of artistic expression that artists like Alexandra Exter would make use of. This artistic style would experience a particular boom in the twentieth century.

Other Russian artists would turn to abstract painting as Malevich, Kandinsky, Chagall or Rozanova with adapted movements such as suprematism, lyrical abstraction and rayonism.

Valuing a Russian work of art

Russian art is sought after by collectors and as such their value can be considerable. However, it is important be very vigilant about the authenticity of certain works, including abstract paintings.

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