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How Much Is Your Object Worth?

Whether it is in the context of an inheritance or just a desire for change, it is sometimes necessary to sell certain artistic or collectable objects. Note that it is difficult to establish what is an artistic or collectable object as no clear definition has been established. It remains easier to sell a rare or popular item compared to an old-fashioned object or those of a lesser quality, for example a designed piece will be more popular than a piece of furniture from the 19th century.

The appraisal of objects of artistic value

It is difficult to know the value of a painting or an artistic object of which we are owners, an appraisal thus allows the vendor to obtain an idea of the exact value of the object. It is sometimes possible to overestimate the value of a piece due to the emotional connection formed between the vendor and the object. Websites such as Mr Expert allow you to consult the prices obtained for similar pieces at the latest auctions. The general state of conservation, the materials used, the style, the period of conception all play a role in determining of the value as well as its origin.

This step is essential in order to avoid some pitfalls in the sales process. Some magazines, websites or second-hand dealers – most often, charging you fees – are able to provide you with a broad estimation of the value of your piece. Though, it is possible that these professionals will minimize the quoted value in order to buy them from you directly if you are a seller.

It is therefore better to call on an expert who will accompany you to find the most suitable place of sale according to the appraised object. A professional art marketer has a large network that allows them to find a buyer ready to pay the right price. Mr Expert offers you an impartial and free estimate.

The choice of the means of sale

Each category of objects deserves special consideration in order to choose the most suitable selling option.

In order to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses, it may be better to sell your object by yourself especially if the sum of the objects for sale does not exceed a few hundred euros. With the digital age, there are various specialized websites for this type of sale such as eBay. This medium is a good means of dissemination and can easily allow you to sell small objects. There are risks that should not be overlooked though such as dishonest buyers.

If you would rather meet with potential buyers in person, it is always possible to do a garage sale. Buying art can be an impulse buy, it is thus better to physically see the work. It is also possible to use a deposit system prior to sale, but this solution is not very profitable because of high commissions.

Finally, there is the traditional sales room. This solution is recommended when you have valuable works or a large number of objects following an inheritance for example. The impact on potential buyers can be interesting thanks to online sales. It is even advisable in some situations to distribute the collection into sperate lots for sale. It must also not be forgotten that there can be delays between the sale of the item and the payment. The seller must therefore read the sales order drafted previously by the auctioneer.

Our experts are here to offer you an appraisal and authentication your art objects.

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