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Artistic Object Valuations

What is an artistic object? This is the term we used to we describe small pieces that have a superior finish and unsurpassed quality in their creation. From the field of decorative art where exceptional production techniques make them collectibles in their own right to the arts of metallurgy, handling of enamel, engraving and many others, artistic objects are diverse in their provenance.

The valuable know-how of the artisans who produced the piece makes these objects highly appreciated by collectors and can achieve resale at very attractive prices. The artistic object segment is vast and is also known several generalised names such as antiquity. Artistic objects include many types of objects: bindings of books, drawings, clocks, watches, or even sculptures and figurines.

To estimate their price, it is necessary to study the materials used, which themselves can sometimes can be very valuable. Gilding or noble alloys imbue an object with a luxurious aspect of an ancient era that attracts the eye of collectors.

If the artisan who produced the piece is famous name or the original owner was a famous public figure, prices can also quickly climb. If you wish to sell an artistic object, know that the expertise of our experts can help you get the best price possible.

Artistic objects of all kinds can be appraised and contain many secrets that can make them real treasures in the auction room.

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