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Light Fixture Valuations

The question of light, and its source, has been considered since the dawn of time, with many civilizations, both ancient and modern seeking to illuminate the world in the best way possible.

Light fixtures were initially used to provide light to a space without necessarily having a decorative aspect to them. One of the oldest versions was the oil lamp, though this system would evolve over time and through exposure to different cultures. This system allowed people to see in the night and while moving around outdoors. Lighting would experience notable progress in the eighteenth century with the invention of the side reservoir followed by the advent of the oil lamp in the nineteenth century.

These kinds of fixtures are no longer used in everyday life after the development of the flashlight and are mainly appreciated by a small community of collectors.

The candle appeared in the Middle Ages following the invention of the first candlesticks. As a result, light fixtures would be able to take various forms, such as wall fixtures like sconces or free-standing fixtures such as candelabras or hand held torches. A light fixture can be made of many different materials such as metal, ceramic, wood or crystal and can also be suspended in the air like chandeliers which were developed so that the light provided would be diffused as best as possible.

With scientific and technical advances, light fixtures have improved their efficiency. In the eighteenth century, light fixtures grew in size and would sometimes be part of furniture sets. Some torches would be wonderfully designed with some silver examples designed by Meissonnier visible in the museums of decorative arts of Paris.

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