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Vacheron Constantin

Do you own a Vacheron Constantin watch and would you like to know more about it value? Our Experts will carry out an appraisal of your collector’s watch, provide you with an estimate of the market price, and then accompany you to make a sale at the best price.

Vacheron Constantin and precision watchmaking

Vacheron Constantin is a Swiss watch brand created in 1755. It was founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron, who was close to the philosophers of the Enlightenment such as Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In 1770, the company created the first watchmaking complication. In 1819, his grandson Jacques-Barthélemy decided to join forces with François Constantin. The Maltese cross became one of the brand’s emblems in 1877. Vacheron Constantin was quick to establish itself in North America. Today, the company is owned by the Richemont group, which includes Jaeger LeCoultre.

The complications of Vacheron Constantin watches

In 2015, Vacheron Constantin continued to make a name for itself by creating a pocket watch with the world’s most complicated mechanism. It is also highlighting its craftsmanship by creating unique models. For the most prestigious editions, it is estimated that between 25,000 and 320,000 euros will be needed.

The iconic models

Vacheron Constantin watches have attracted a clientele of crowned heads such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Lady Diana. The brand includes a handful of “must-have” models, such as the “l’Oversas”, the “Patrimony” and the “Malte”. Prestigious collaborations have taken place, including with Fabergé, with the creation of an imperial egg with a watch as a surprise inside.

The price of a Vacheron Constantin watch at auction

The Vacheron Constantin brand is highly collected. It holds one of the records for the most expensive watches in the world with the one owned by King Fouad I of Egypt, which sold for 2.77 million dollars in 2005. Prices may vary from one watch to another. A watch “Traditionnelle Perpetual” was sold for almost 46,700 euros. Another model “Quai de l’île” sold for 20,800 euros. One of the criteria that allows a watch to increase in value is its state of preservation.

How do we appraise your watch?

Making an online estimate request for your watch is simple. Simply complete our estimate form with a brief description and photos. If you have the purchase invoice for your watch or any other document that can attest to the authenticity of your watch, please do not hesitate to send it to us when you send it in. This information will be sent directly to one of our experts who will give you a price range and sales advice.

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A team of experts and auctioneers to appraise your watch

If you own a Vacheron Constantin watch or any other collector’s watch, request an estimate via our online form.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team of experts and auctioneers to give you an independent view of the market price of your Vacheron Constantin watch. In the event of a sale, our specialists will also advise you on the various options available to sell your watch at the best price.

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