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Do you own a Blancpain watch and would you like to know more about it value? Our Experts will carry out an appraisal of your collector’s watch, provide you with an estimate of the market price, and then accompany you to make a sale at the best price.

History of the Swiss watchmaker Blancpain

Blancpain is the oldest Swiss watch brand, having been founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. Very quickly, the top-of-the-range models were to become a great success. Frédéric-Louis Blancpain, the founder’s great-grandson, transformed the family workshop into a manufactory with mass production. Today, it belongs to the Swatch Group, like Breguet. In 1926, the company brought out its first automatic wristwatch thanks to its collaboration with watchmaker John Harwood. In the 1970s, the company was confronted with the development of quartz watches. In order to face the competition, Blancpain will enhance its traditional know-how by manufacturing watches with numerous complications.

Recognising a Blancpain watch

The Blancpainbrand is characterised by its round-shaped cases. Some models are emblematic such as the “Répétition Minutes”, “l‘Utraplate”, “le Chronographe à rattrapage”, the “Ladybird” and the “Villeret”. Blancpain also took an interest in the military world by designing in the 1950s a watch resistant to extreme conditions, named “Fifty Fathoms”. This model was intended for combat swimmers in the French army.

Blancpain is active in motor sport activities, particularly in endurance racing. The brand is also interested in the nautical world and gastronomy. In the 1980s, Blancpain paid homage to chefs Joël Robuchon and Paul Bocuse by offering them a watch after being named “the chefs of the century”.

The price of Blancpain watches at auction

These prestigious watches are appreciated by collectors. They are rather aimed at educated people who appreciate sharp mechanisms. Prices may vary from one model to another. In 2019, a watch “Répétition minutes” sold for around 30,700 euros at Sotheby’s. In 2012, a rare “Tourbillon” watch in white gold sold for 32,000 euros.

How do we appraise your watch?

Making an online estimate request for your watch is simple. Simply complete our estimate form with a brief description and photos. If you have the purchase invoice for your watch or any other document that can attest to the authenticity of your watch, please do not hesitate to send it to us when you send it in. This information will be sent directly to one of our experts who will give you a price range and sales advice.

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A team of experts and auctioneers to appraise your watch

If you own a Blancpain watch or any other collector’s watch, request an estimate via our online form.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team of experts and auctioneers to give you an independent view of the market price of your Blancpain watch. In the event of a sale, our specialists will also advise you on the various options available to sell your watch at the best price.

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