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Do you own a Bovet watch and would you like to know more about it value? Our Experts will carry out an appraisal of your collector’s watch, provide you with an estimate of the market price, and then accompany you to make a sale at the best price.

Edouard Bovet from China

The history of Bovet begins at the beginning of the 19th century with Édouard Bovet and his two brothers, watchmakers by trade. They embarked for China in 1818 to develop the commercial outlets of the English watchmaking company Maniac.

Initiated into Chinese trade, Édouard Bovet decided with his brothers, after four years of good and loyal service with the English company Maniac, to set up their own business. From England and Switzerland, notably in Fleurier, they export their watch models to Asia and notably to China. The business was flourishing, and in the early 1840s the company employed no less than 175 people in its Fleurier workshop.

Although all the models are produced in Europe, and particularly in Switzerland, they are nonetheless suitable for Asian customers, who are very demanding of relatively small models in relief, often in gold or gold-plated.

Edouard Bovet died in 1849, leaving his business more flourishing than ever. In 1855, recognition became European with a prize won at the 1855 Universal Exhibition in Paris for a pair of enamelled watches for the Emperor of China.

It is Alphonse Bovet’s eldest son, Fritz Bovet, who has perpetuated the tradition of the house. Numerous technical patents were then registered, as for the Chevalet watch, which can also be used as a table clock.

In 2001, Bovet Fleury SA became the property of Pascal Raffy who set up the workshops in the Château de Môtiers near Neufchâtel. Since then, the brand has never stopped renewing itself, presenting more sporty models, but also convertible watches.

Art in luxury watchmaking

The models of the house Bovet are characterised in particular by the art of miniature painting, but also by the decoration with gold, pearls or gems. Crimping and engraving are arts that Bovet has been able to take advantage of since its beginnings. Allied to various technical feats such as the Amadeo convertible case, the brand is part of one of the most important Swiss watchmakers.

Innovation through transformation

The 19Thirty and Fleury collections include the brand’s most emblematic models. Some Fleury models have the particularity of being transformed from wristwatch to pocket watch or table watch.

The spirit of Bovet watches can be found in each of these watches, characterised by their round shape. The Tourbillon Virtuoso III model is a telling example of this, entirely hand-engraved and characterised by an extreme level of detail and visible mechanical ballet.

To suit almost any budget

From a few thousand euros to hundreds of thousands of euros, the models of the Bovet brand can be discussed at a golden price. This wide price range is obviously characterised by the model, the materials used, the rarity, but also and above all the state of preservation of the watch. Exceptional vintage models such as the Bovet “Récital 18 The Shooting Star” can be worth over 200,000euros.

A Virtuoso III watch with the Amadeo system, for its part, can be traded for around 50,000euros when the state of conservation is good. But there are models that are much more accessible when they have been mass-produced, in particular.

How do we appraise your watch?

Making an online estimate request for your watch is simple. Simply complete our estimate form with a brief description and photos. If you have the purchase invoice for your watch or any other document that can attest to the authenticity of your watch, please do not hesitate to send it to us when you send it in. This information will be sent directly to one of our experts who will give you a price range and sales advice.

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If you own a Bovet watch or any other collector’s watch, request an estimate via our online form.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team of experts and auctioneers to give you an independent view of the market price of your Bovet watch. In the event of a sale, our specialists will also advise you on the various options available to sell your watch at the best price.

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