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Drawing Valuations

One of, if not the oldest of artistic techniques, drawing, or “design”, acts as a witness to an era, always rich in its meaning and symbols. The word “design” first appeared in the 15th century and comes from the Italian “disegno” meaning “graphic representation”, but also “practice” or “intention”. Thanks to its strong symbolic power, the art of drawing uses all the techniques of graphic art in an approach of intention, of work in itself.

The utility of a drawing may not be immediately apparent, but it is its symbol and what it represents that transcends the drawing and bring utility to it, more than its function. This is why this art design categorization does not include architectural or technical type drawings in which the functional utility supersedes the symbolic.

Some drawing techniques include creating compositions with lines and shapes and the use of colours to represent, or to give the impression of shadows which brings it very close to the art of painting and its techniques. Drawing, or “designing” evolved over time and with the creation of new tools: drawings on the walls of caves, bones, or rocks in prehistory; drawings on papyrus in ancient times, on parchment in the Middle Ages, etc. The art of drawing goes beyond boundaries and ages and continues to enliven art lovers.

As bearers of ideas, the general public can easily find themselves moved in front of a drawn work, whatever its intention. This is why there are high quality drawings by many famous artists whose productions are highly sought after by collectors. With our expertise, we can authenticate the designer, and estimate the value of the work.

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